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Tackle Football Is War Game

Tackle Football is War – Combat for Children By Attorney Gordon S. Johnson, Jr. Tackle football is war, especially when child combatants are armed with helmets. It is not only  a “contact” sport, it is a “combat” sport. The game of tackle football is in essence a war between combatants, where the individual player is…

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Suicide and Football – Linked by CTE

Suicide and Football  – Violence, Depression and Brain Disease By Attorney Gordon Johnson It has to the worst moment in any parent’s life. Your child has just committed suicide. It happens to thousands of teens and young adults every year, with usually no answers but depression and adolescence. Suicide is the third leading cause of…

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Football Related Behavior Problems – Should Children be Added to this List?

Daunting List of Football Related Behavior Problems Attorney Gordon Johnson It is a daunting list, those with severe behavioral issues after years of football. Most famous of the bad actors? O.J. Simpson Why does no one ask whether he had CTE? Could it be more obvious? He had 2,400 career carries, not counting high school,…

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Stop Football for Kids – Benefits Don’t Justify the Risk of CTE

Stop Football for Kids – Risks aren’t Justified  By Attorney Gordon Johnson As someone who has participated in some type of recreational activity for more than 300 days a year for in excess of 50 years, I fully understand the benefits of sports in a person’s life. In fact, I even fully understand the benefits…

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Dementia Pugilistica – CTE by its Proper Name

Dementia Pugilistica – “Punch Drunk” – is CTE By Attorney Gordon Johnson Dementia Pugilistica, or “punch drunk” is a severe brain disorder caused by repeated blows to the head, regardless of whether the recipient of the blow is wearing a helmet. As described by H. Miller in 1966, when he coined the syndrome’s sister name,…

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Greater CTE Risk in Youth Football than NFL Football

Youth Football comes with Greater CTE Risk  than Pro Football Attorney Gordon Johnson The 2014 NFL season began with two glimpses into the horrors of behavioral problems of those who have made a career of smashing their heads into those of others: Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. As bad as the elevator scene was, for…

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How Long have we Known Football Too Dangerous for Children?

Football Too Dangerous for Children By Attorney Gordon Johnson Is football too dangerous for children? Football is an old sport in which there have always been injuries. Concussion is as old as the game, even if they didn’t know quite what to call a concussion years ago. As long as there have been smelling salts…

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